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icc profiles for the Epson p900

icc profiles for the Epson p900 where available I have over $600. of your paper that I can't use without the profiles

package length

Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience, I would like to know the length of the packaging in which a roll of the product SKU: DS-ARTCANVAS-20-5475 https://www.lexjet.com/dreamscape-artist-canvas-20oz-54in-x-75ft#read-more would be shipped. Would this be 75 feet? or that's the amount that comes rolled. I would be needing to know the length of the package. Thanks in advance.

weight of a product with packaging of shipment includes

Hi, could you please tell me what is the approximate total weight of a roll of this product dreamscape artist roll 54'' x 75'' sku DS-ARTCANVAS-20-5475 with the shipping package included? https://www.lexjet.com/dreamscape-artist-canvas-20oz-54in-x-75ft Thanks in advance!

Is there an ICC profile for Epson P5000?

Profile for Tribute Satin

I downloaded the profile from your site but it has a (am1) and not .icc . I put it in the profile folder and I can't see the profile when I went to print with Canon 6400. Please shine a light.

I have a hp z6100 what is the icc profile for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper, Metallic / 255 ?

hp satin wrapping paper support needed

Several days ago I called and requested print help for the HP Satin Wrapping paper I bought from you. I was told that the paper would be good for my ipf8400. everything online has it for HP printers or other latex printers. I would really like to get going with this paper but I need your tech support on which paper type to set in the printer and which papertype and print settings to use in photoshop (I print via the plugin on mac...usb connection). Can you please get me some starting potins? the paper is not printing well so far and I'd really like to get going on this.

How do I apply my rewards points?

Cant figure out how to apply my reward points and their are multiple categories that I have completed but have not been given credit for

Tax exempt

I am purchasing for a university and we are text exempt, how do I reflect this with online orders?

window cling materials

Can window cling material be run on our Epson 8000? Where would I get it?