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ICC profiles for Epson Surecolor F570

I recently purchased the Epson surecolor F570. The colors do not match what I was getting with my other epson printer. Are there ICC profiles for the epson ink that comes with the printer? What is the ideal time and temp on textiles with that ink and paper provided?

HP Designjet T120 ink leak from black cartridge

Haven't used my HP T120 in several months, just checked it to run a test print, it had apparently leaked all the black ink out, mess of ink inside now. Who would be good to troubleshoot and possibly repair if needed?

HP Z6 maximum page length?

I have been wildly unsuccessful at finding an answer for the maximum allowable page length for our HP Z6 44" postscript plotter we purchased from LexJet. Does anyone know this information? Is it only limited by the length of the roll? Thanks.

Sunset Satin Coating on Aluminum?

Says it can be used on canvas & paper, but what about dibond aluminum with oil paint? I use my hvlp sprayer for my canvases and love the look. Have a hand-embellished dibond I'd like to protect though..

printing on clear mylar

have a HP designjet T1700 and trying to print on 40" wide clear mylar. Any input or suggestions. Does not appear the material will load. Am I missing something or is this material not an option. Thxs

Marabu Action Tac Application Fluid

Can this product be used to stick tint to a automotive window? I am needing something that will help me to re-stick tint to my classic cars windows. Thank you.

icc profiles for the Epson p900

icc profiles for the Epson p900 where available I have over $600. of your paper that I can't use without the profiles

package length

Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience, I would like to know the length of the packaging in which a roll of the product SKU: DS-ARTCANVAS-20-5475 https://www.lexjet.com/dreamscape-artist-canvas-20oz-54in-x-75ft#read-more would be shipped. Would this be 75 feet? or that's the amount that comes rolled. I would be needing to know the length of the package. Thanks in advance.

weight of a product with packaging of shipment includes

Hi, could you please tell me what is the approximate total weight of a roll of this product dreamscape artist roll 54'' x 75'' sku DS-ARTCANVAS-20-5475 with the shipping package included? https://www.lexjet.com/dreamscape-artist-canvas-20oz-54in-x-75ft Thanks in advance!

Is there an ICC profile for Epson P5000?