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Suumma Roll Cutter TS S2 120

How come the cutter does not perform a perfcut in once complete circle or shape? It cuts one half then proceeds in other direction to cut the other half. In doing so it leaves a small misaligned titty on the cuts. I am using Flexi 22. Their support team has no answer and referred to my the cutter manufacturer or supplier. They could not figure it out either. Thanks.

Comparison of repositional PSA papers

Is there any difference between the HP adhesive fabric, Lexjet Print N Stick, and Phototex repositionable fabric papers. Is there any papers/fabrics I've missed?

Ultraflex FabriTac® and corners

Will FabriTac go around outside corners?

LexJet Aqueous Perforated Vinyl

I am preparing to print on LexJet Aqueous Perforated Vinyl with our Canon Pro 4000. Which setting is best for this? I have a Adhesive backed vinyl setting but no mention of perforation. I am concerned that there will be too much ink put down with the perforation.

Expiration of points

Why do pints expire? What is the length expiration?

cutter replacement epson 9900

How do I replace the cutter in epson 9900

Need laminator recommendation

We currently have a Xylor 2500 but need to find a replacement. Can anyone recommend something? I don't need thermal, just cold, with double-sided lamination on at least 45" wide. We have high production for laminating signage and posters for our events and activities.

pop up banner stand vs roll stock

the stock is 36" and the Stand is 33" why is that and how do you cut it

lexjet suv gloss ink drying issue with a canon ta-30

I have a canon ta-30 printer that we have been using with no issues. loaded the roll of LexJet Simple Adhesive Vinyl SUV - Gloss to start a new print and the ink does not seem to "stick" to the material. i was also unable to find anything in the ta-30's list to match settings wise for this type of materiel. I'm new to the large format printer scene and am looking for any assistance in the matter.

Order Status

I have an order placed, payment went through but nothing else, order status never updated. Have emailed multiple times on this issue and have also tried to call and nothing seems to be going through. I place my order after seeing people say how great LexJet was.