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LJ Sunset eSatin.am1x

how do I open it to extract the icc profile and instructions

What should I use for print and stick profile HP Latex/


Hahnemule papers Media Type

The print settings in photoshop ask for a media type, but I can't figure out which media type I should use for Hahnemuele smooth matte papers. I have an Epson Surecolor p800. Does anyone know how to find this information?

Pro-4000S LJTC AquaVinyl SAV.am1x

I've downloaded 2 other media profiles for use on our Canon 4000S and was able to print from Acrobat XI on the Mac. I loaded the profile LJTC AquaVinyl SAV.am1x and it doesn't show up when I try to print using it on the Mac in Acrobat. It does show up in Photoshop. Is there any way to print with this media profile in Acrobat on the Mac? Pdf's are usually what we print. Thank you.

How do I delete profiles from my computer

Lots of IC & output profiles we don't use, how do I delete them from my computer so I don't have 100 profiles to choose from when I only use 10.

ICC profiles for Epson Surecolor F570

I recently purchased the Epson surecolor F570. The colors do not match what I was getting with my other epson printer. Are there ICC profiles for the epson ink that comes with the printer? What is the ideal time and temp on textiles with that ink and paper provided?

HP Designjet T120 ink leak from black cartridge

Haven't used my HP T120 in several months, just checked it to run a test print, it had apparently leaked all the black ink out, mess of ink inside now. Who would be good to troubleshoot and possibly repair if needed?

IPF8400 Velvet Rag Black splotching issue

We have the ICC profiles correct, the heads and nozzles are clean. We hit print on the appropriate pdf file that we have used in the past. No modifications or changes to the file have occurred. The issue is it prints out slightly blurry and has speckles of black ink all over. Any suggestions?

Poly Select Light Epson 9900 paper selection

I am using Poly Select Light in our Epson Stylus Pro 9900. What is the best Epson paper selection to use with Poly Select Light? Or: Is there a way to install Poly Select Light and make it a paper selection in the printer setup window?

red dots on poster

there are red dots on my poster