ClearShield™ 10 Mil Textured Hard Coat Low Melt


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ClearShield™ 10 Mil Textured Hard Coat Low Melt laminating film provides a fast, cost-effective option for converting output from digital photo imagers and toner-based presses into durable mural panels and headers for trade-show booth graphics. Resembling polycarbonate and Lexan, ArmorGuard features a textured finish that minimizes glare and the appearance of fingerprints.

The film is backed by a heat-activated (thermal) adhesive that softens and starts bonding to the print at lower temperatures than conventional thermal laminating films.

The one-piece construction and aggressive adhesive of 5 Mil ArmorGuard Ti ensures that the film remains clear and well-bonded, and minimizes the risk of production defects such as silvering, tunneling, and delaminating.

KSP - Perfect for rollable trade-show graphics when paired with LexJet's low-melt opaque backers.
KSP - Ideal for efficiently and cost-effectively producing headers and mural panels for trade show booths.
KSP - 10-mil, clear, hard-coat polyester laminating film that resembles polycarbonate or Lexan.

Product Highlights

Scratch-resistant topcoatHighest level of scratch resistanceTrade show graphics
UV resistantRigid PET baseChannel graphics
High clarityWater resistanceMenu boards
Backlit graphics

Product Properties

GaugeSurface: 4 mil Polyester Film; Adhesive: 6 mil Coextrusion
Gloss Level @ 60°20
Heat Seal Initiation170° F (78° C) 1/2 sec. dwell @ 40 psi
Processing Temperature Range170° to 245° F
Coefficient of FrictionTest Method: ASTM D 1894. .40 Kinetic
UVA AbsorptionTest Method: Perkin-Elmer Spectrophotometer. 85% Min
UVB AbsorptionTest Method: Perkin-Elmer Spectrophotometer. 100%
Abrasion ResistanceTest Method: Taber Abrasion-ASTM D 1044 CS-10F Wheel 500 gram weight: 100 cycles

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