Sunset Production eSatin 250g


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LexJet’s new Sunset Production eSatin 250g is the latest premium-quality, resin-coated photo paper in the award-winning Sunset lineup. While slightly lighter than the industry standard Sunset Photo eSatin, it still represents a major breakthrough in performance compared to other photo papers in its class. This 10-mil, 250g satin-finish photo paper makes high-volume, production-oriented printing easier. This paper is the perfect choice for posters, commercial displays and photo portraits, and can be used with either pressure-sensitive or low-heat thermal laminates.

  • 10-mil, 250-gram photo paper with a satin (e-surface) finish
  • The perfect choice for posters, commercial displays and photo portraits
  • Makes high-volume, production-oriented printing easier

Product Highlights




  • 10-mil, 250-gram photo paper with a satin (e-surface) finish
  • Prints dry instantly and are
    highly resistant to scratches
  • Compatible with all leading
    dye and pigment photo
    inkjet printers
  • Structured surface
  • High opacity and most excellent whiteness
  • High color consistency and large color gamut
  • Pin-sharp details and sparklingly brilliance
  • Instant dry very consistent layflat
  • Professional Photography
  • Portrait
  • Posters
  • Graphic Art Reproduction
  • Fine Art

Product Properties




1 Roll

Core Size



Resin-coated (RC) photo paper


10 mil

Basis Weight



'>140 CIE



Surface Finish

E Surface

Printer/Ink Compatibility

Compatible with all thermal and piezo inkjet printers using water-based dye and pigment-based inks.

Imaging Side

Material is packaged with printable side facing up. Printable surface can be identified by a slight tackiness.

Finishing/Post Processing

Pressure-sensitive vinyl laminates like LexJet Elite UV Vinyl Laminate can be applied to increase the fade and abrasion resistance of the image. Before applying the laminate, allow the image to dry for 24 hours.

Light Fastness

The fading time of inkjet ink is a direct result of the inks that you choose to use and the environment where the print is displayed. Contact the ink manufacturer for light-fastness data.

Optimal Print Environment

70° F (21° C), 50% R.H

Optimal Service Environment

For printing: 60° - 80° F, 50% Relative Humidity.

Handling Recommendations

Due to the absorptive nature of the coating, you should avoid touching the coated surface. It's always recommended that cotton gloves be used when handling inkjet coated materials. Rolls of LexJet film are supplied with the coated side facing out.

Service Temp. Range

-40° - 176° F (-40° C to 80° C).

Ideal Storage Conditions

70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store in original packaging.

Shelf Life

1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions.

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Product Performance & Suitability

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