LexJet Tribute Satin Photo Paper 240g


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Product Highlights

LexJet Tribute Satin Photo Paper 240g is the latest addition to LexJet's lineup of photo papers. This 9.5-mil, 240g satin photo paper makes high-volume production-oriented printing easier by offering a high-performing, instant-dry photo paper at a price you won't believe. This paper is the perfect choice for all types of photo-realistic imaging including portraits, posters, commercial displays and hi-res photo imaging. Compatible with most aqueous dye and pigment inks.

Microporous ink receptive coating; pigment and dye ink compatibleInstant-dry imaging with most water-based inksPhoto-realistic imaging
Heavy basis weightEasy handling, post processing, and
reduced chance of buckling
Professional photo images
Economical priceAffordable for any budgetUpgrade from matte-coated papers
Satin finishThe perfect balance between optimum color vibrancy with minimal hot spots and glareDirect lighting displays without distracting reflections

Product Properties

Unit1 Roll
Core Size3in Core
Base FilmResin-coated (RC) photo paper
Whiteness126 (W-E313)
Brightness95 (TB-452)
FinishPhoto Satin
Total Weight242 gsm
Thickness9.5 mil
Gloss Level @ 6026 (@60)
Printer/Ink CompatibilityCompatible with all thermal and piezo inkjet printers using water-based dye and pigment-based inks.
Imaging SideMaterial is packaged with printable side facing up. Printable surface can be identified by a slight tackiness.
Optimal Print Environment70° F (21° C), 50% R.H
Optimal Service EnvironmentFor printing: 60° - 80° F, 50% Relative Humidity.
Software SettingsA photo luster, satin or semi-gloss setting is the recommended starting point. However, we recommend a custom ICC profile for optimal results. Please refer to www.lexjet.com for starting-point ICC profiles for some printers.
Ideal Storage Conditions70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store in original packaging.
Shelf LifeOne year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions.

The assigned numerical reading and other tests referenced in this text are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire cognitions. Consult an architect or fire safety engineer for information on applicable building codes and reduction of fire hazards, including the use of sprinklers.

Item Details

24in x 100ftTRIS24100848412022100
36in x 100ftTRIS36100848412022117
42in x 100ftTRIS42100848412022124
44in x 100ftTRIS44100848412022131
50in x 100ftTRIS50100848412022148
60in x 100ftTRIS60100848412022155


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