EnduraFab™ Frontlit Premier


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EnduraFab™ Frontlit Premier is a heavy duty 28-mil / 8 oz / sq yd, 100% polyester warp knit fabric that has excellent drape, is wrinkle resistant, and has an enhanced resistance to scuffing and scratching. This heavyweight fabric works well for retail signs and indoor banners as well as exhibits, SEG graphics, retail signage, table covers and indoor banners.

EnduraFab™ Frontlit Premier is proudly made in the USA.

Product Highlights

Specially designed for latex printing.Enhanced resistance to scuffing & scratchingHeavy duty, durable Soft signage, retail signage and indoor banners
Heavyweight - 28 mils thickExcellent drape qualitySilicone edge graphics
Wrinkle resistanceTable covers
Wash-ability, tested in normal washing cycle conditions.Exhibits

Product Properties

Core Size3-in core
Material100% Polyester
ConstructionWarp Knit
Basis Weight8.0 oz / sq yd (+/- 0.5) / 274 gsm
Thickness28 mil
Gloss Level (60)2.6
Printer/Ink CompatibilityEnduraFab™ Frontlit Premier was designed specifically for use with 3rd generation HP latex inks. Printer compatibility can and does vary. Testing is recommended.
Print Durability (Dry Abrasion)3 ASTM F 1571-95
Print Durability (Scratch Abrasion)4 ISO 1518-2:2011
Shelf LifeGreater than 1 year

Item Details

61 in x 10 ydsEFFP6110848412020496
61 in x 25 ydsEFFP6125848412020489
126 in x 75 ydsEFFP12675