ClearShield™ 5 Mil White Backer Low Melt


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ClearShield™ 5 Mil White Backer Low Melt is a white, polyester film designed to be applied to the back of a display graphic to add rigidity and opacity. The extra rigidity makes graphics easier to handle and install. The whiteness of the film provides the opacity needed to ensure that graphics remain readable in a wide range of lighting conditions.

The film is called low-melt because it is backed by a heat-activated (thermal) adhesive that softens and starts bonding to the print at lower temperatures than conventional thermal laminating films.

The low-melt adhesives bond so well that trade-show graphics protected on the front by a LexJet ArmorGuard or DisplayGuard film and on the back by the 5 Mil White Backer are guaranteed not to experience any tunneling or delaminating, even when the graphic panels are repeatedly rolled and unrolled for transport from one trade show site to the next.

KSP - Perfect for rollable trade show graphics when paired with DisplayGuard or Armor Guard laminates.
KSP - Adds rigidity to graphics for easier handling and installation.
KSP - 5-mil, white, opaque polyester graphics-backing film with a heat-activated (thermal) adhesive.

Product Highlights

Medium-weight 5 mil rigid base185-210 degree melting pointTrade show booths
Lay-flat technologyBanner stand
POP signage

Product Properties

GaugeSurface: 1 mil Polyester Film; Adhesive: 4 mil Coextrusion
Heat Seal Initiation180° F (78° C) 1/2 sec. dwell @ 40 psi
OpacityTest Method: ASTM 1003: 11% Transmission
Processing Temperature Range180° to 245° F
Coefficient of FrictionTest Method: ASTM D 1894. .40 Kinetic

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