LexJet Sunset Fibre Baryta 310gsm


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Achieve traditional darkroom results with Sunset Fibre Baryta 310gsm, which uses the same baryta base paper professional photographers print with, particularly when delivering stunning black-and-white prints.

"Baryta" is the base coating, which contains a very white pigment that produces a neutral white shade and contributes to the smoothness of the paper. The true barium sulphate layer enhances sharp details and wide color gamut.

The result is an ideal surface for inkjet coating that produces excellent detail and tonal range. The acid- and lignin-free paper is universally compatible with all dye and pigment inks.

Product Highlights

Neutral white base coatingExcellent color gamut, detail and tonal rangeFine art and fine photographic reproduction and restoration
Silky smooth surfaceTrue black-and-white archival printsArt portfolios, photo albums, memory books and wedding albums
Acid-free and lignin-freeGreeting cards and postcards

Product Properties

Unit1 Roll
Core Size3in Core
Base MaterialAlpha Cellulose
Coating TypeMicroporous Silk
Surface TextureUltra Smooth
Base Weight310 gsm
Thickness315 microns, .012 inches
Whiteness (CIE)100
Brightness (TAPPI)96
Printer/Ink CompatibilityAqueous Pigment and Dye Ink Compatible
Imaging SidePrint side facing out
Print SettingsPK Ink, Semi Gloss or Lustre Photo Paper Settings are recommended as a starting point
Finishing/Post ProcessingInstant Dry. Glossy papers mark more easily, it is recommended to wear cotton gloves when
Ideal Storage ConditionsThe recommended climate for storage of all papers is 15-20°C, relative humidity of 40-60%. Always store in original packaging, out of direct sunlight and protected from
Shelf Life1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions.

The assigned numerical reading and other tests referenced in this text are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire cognitions. Consult an architect or fire safety engineer for information on applicable building codes and reduction of fire hazards, including the use of sprinklers.

Item Details

8.5in x 11in (50 Sheets)SFB851150
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11in x 17in (50 Sheets)SFB111750
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13in x 19in (50 Sheets)SFB131950
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17in x 22in (50 Sheets)SFB172250
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17in x 50ft - 1 Roll (3in Core)SFB1750
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24in x 50ft - 1 Roll (3in Core)SFB2450
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44in x 50ftSFB4450
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50in x 50ftSFB5050
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Product Performance & Suitability

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