LexJet Simple Grip Backlit (Latex & UV Only)


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Take backlit and window displays to a new level with LexJet Simple Grip Backlit, a polyester film with removable adhesive that delivers versatility in printing and mounting.

This film is easy to print and install on the inside of the window when you want to view the graphic from the inside or out. Images look outstanding day or night, and really pop when paired with back or front lighting.

The dimensionally stable, water-resistant polyester has lay-flat construction that won't shrink or warp even when exposed to the heat from lighting. It also has excellent scratch resistance that keeps your graphics looking great over time. It's easy to install and remove with no residue left behind.

Use LexJet Simple Grip Backlit for dynamic window applications, retail displays, menu boards, light boxes and much more. Compatible with UV and latex inks.

Product Highlights

High-impact graphic that is viewable from both the inside or outside of a windowGood day and night image vibrancy. Extra-vivid color pop when paired with light sourceOne-step window graphics
Removable adhesive for window applicationsUser-friendly installationRetail, buildings, offices, restaurants, department stores and other commercial environments
Backlit advertisements

Product Properties

Unit1 Roll
Core Size3in Core
Base FilmPolyester
Thickness5.5 mil / 140 micron
Total Weight190 gsm
Printer/Ink CompatibilityLatex & UV Inks only
InstallationWet application recommended for bubble free application
Optimal Print Environment10-30 C Temperature, 30-50% humidity recommended
Ideal Storage Conditions10-25 C Temperature, 20% humidity
Shelf LifeGreater than 1 year

The assigned numerical reading and other tests referenced in this text are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions. Consult an architect or fire safety engineer for information on applicable building codes and reduction of fire hazards, including the use of sprinklers.

Item Details

36 in x 20 ftSGB3620
60 in x 100 ftSGB6000


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