ClearShield™ 5 Mil Smooth Hard Coat Low Melt


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ClearShield™ 5 Mil Smooth Hard Coat Low Melt is a low-melt thermal laminating film that can help convert silver-halide-processed photo prints and prints from electrographic (toner-based) presses into indestructible graphics for trade-show and exhibit graphics.

The innovative hard-coat surface provides a high level of scratch resistance. UV inhibitors in the adhesive protect the film and colors in the print from the harmful effects of sustained exposure to sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

The ultra-low-gloss of the film minimizes glare, ensuring that trade show graphics remain easily readable, even under the bright lights of the trade-show floor.

The low-melt adhesives bond so well with photographic prints and bond papers that graphics sandwiched between 5 Mil ArmorGuard Ultra Low Gloss film and one of LexJet’s low-melt backers will resist damage such as tunneling or delaminating, even when the graphic panels are repeatedly rolled and unrolled for transport from one trade-show site to the next.

KSP - Perfect for rollable trade-show graphics when paired with LexJet's low-melt opaque backers.
KSP - Non-reflective finish preserves the look and legibility of headers and panels for trade show booths.
KSP - 5-mil, scratch-resistant, hard-coat polyester film with UV inhibitors to protect film and print colors.

Product Highlights

Scratch-resistant topcoatHighest level of scratch resistanceTrade show graphics
UV resistantRigid PET baseChannel graphics
High clarityWater resistanceMenu boards
Backlit graphics

Product Properties

GaugeSurface: 3 mil Polyester Film; Adhesive: 2 mil Coextrusion
Gloss Level @ 60°35
Heat Seal Initiation180° F (78° C) 1/2 sec. dwell @ 40 psi
Processing Temperature Range180° to 245° F
Coefficient of FrictionTest Method: ASTM D 1894. .40 Kinetic
UVA AbsorptionTest Method: Perkin-Elmer Spectrophotometer. 85% Min
UVB AbsorptionTest Method: Perkin-Elmer Spectrophotometer. 100%
Abrasion ResistanceTest Method: Taber Abrasion-ASTM D 1044 CS-10F Wheel 500 gram weight: 100 cycles

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