LexJet Sunset Production Satin Canvas SUV


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LexJet Sunset Production Satin Canvas SUV is the 100% polyester option for quality canvas prints in high-production environments. This U.S.-made product is a more cost-effective alternative to poly-cotton blends at the lowest price point in its class. Yet, it still has a high-end feel with the look of a traditional 2-over-1 poly-cotton weave, with no optical brighteners.

This canvas performs well on all solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers, making it a highly versatile product that delivers consistent results for busy print shops and studios. It's also ideal for canvas wraps, with no cracking over stretcher bars.

Product Highlights

Domestically produced;
Provides product consistency makes it the ideal choice for canvas printsHigh-production canvas prints
A satin, bright-white, OBA-free 100% polyester canvasLargest color gamut of competing polyester canvas materials
Finished look and feel of a traditional 2-over-1 weave

Product Properties

Unit1 Roll
Roll Size3in Core
Base Film100% Polyester
Gloss Level (60)Satin (5)
Thickness14 mil
Total Weight342 gsm
Basis Weight320g
Whiteness86.82 CIE
pH Value7.5-9.5
Printer/Ink CompatibilityOptimized for use on all solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks.
Color MatchingFor the best and most consistent results, a profile should be created using an external color calibrator in conjunction with your RIP and/or color matching software.
Imaging SideRoll Out
Finishing/Post ProcessingNo post processing or finishing is required on this paper. However, a clear fixative may be applied to enhance certain areas of the print.
Light FastnessThe fading time of inkjet ink is a direct result of the inks you choose, as well as the environment where the print is displayed. Contact the ink manufacturer to determine a specific ink's suitability for a particular application.
Optimal Print Environment68-77° F , 20-60% R.H. For end use: 0-300° F
Handling ReccomendationsDue to the absorptive nature of the coating, you should avoid touching the coated surface. It's always recommended that cotton gloves be used when handling inkjet coated materials. Rolls of LexJet Sunset media are supplied with the coated side facing out.
Software SettingsThe coating on this product is engineered for better than 300% ink coverage. Any canvas fabric setting is the appropriate starting point. However, we recommend that you try different settings to achieve optimum performance for your specific application.
Ideal Storage Conditions70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store in original packaging.
Shelf Life1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions.

The assigned numerical reading and other tests referenced in this text are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire cognitions. Consult an architect or fire safety engineer for information on applicable building codes and reduction of fire hazards, including the use of sprinklers.

Item Details

54in x 150ftSPSC5415000848412019902
60in x 150ftSPSC6015000848412019919


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