ClearShield™ 15 Mil Opaque Backer Low Melt


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ClearShield™ 15 Mil Opaque Backer Low Melt is a 100% opaque, white, polyester film designed to be applied to the back of a trade show graphic. It is flexible enough to allow graphics to be rolled into shipping containers, but provides enough rigidity and lay-flat memory to enable the graphics to remain flat and curl-free when mounted.

The light-blocking capability and lay-flat memory of this film makes it a good choice to use with ArmorGuard or DisplayGuard to encapsulate images that will be mounted in pop-up booths.

KSP - 100% opacity blocks light from shining through from behind when graphics hang freely.
KSP - Provides rigidity and rollability with excellent lay-flat memory.
KSP - 15-mil, white, polyester graphics-backing film with low-heat-activated adhesive.

Product Highlights

100% Opaque185-210 degree melting pointTrade show booths
Heavy-weight 15 mil rigid BackerLay-flat technologyBanner stands
POP signage

Product Properties

GaugeSurface: 7 mil Polyester Film; Adhesive: 8 mil Coextrusion
Heat Seal Initiation180° F (78° C) 1/2 sec. dwell @ 40 psi
OpacityTest Method: ASTM 1003: 5 mil: 11% Transmission; 10 mil: 19% Transmission
Processing Temperature Range180° to 245° F
Coefficient of FrictionTest Method: ASTM D 1894. .40 Kinetic

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