LexJet InFuze™ Rigid Substrate-Dye Sublimation Paper

Optimized for ChromaLuxe® Panels


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LexJet InFuze™ Rigid Substrate Dye-Sublimation Paper is a medium-weight, 120 gsm, water-based sublimation transfer paper with high ink transferability. The proprietary microporous ink-receptive coating is applied to a low-cockle, layflat base producing fast dry, full-color graphics optimized for transferring onto ChromaLuxe(R) panels. For medium-to-high ink coverage and applications such as wall art, table tops, high-end photo-art.

Product Highlights

120 gsm base and microporous inkjet coatingOptimized for ChromaLuxe(R) panelsWall art, table tops, high-end photo art
Low ink penetration into baseHigher percentage of ink transferImages with high color saturation
Microporous ink-receptive coatingRapid ink drying; shorter wait time to transferHigh-resolution rigid panels
High value- Economical transfer sheet
- Lower overall cost of finished piece
Competitive bids, budget beaters

Product Properties

Core Size3 in
BaseSublimation Paper
Weight120 gsm
Thickness5.9 mil
Printer/Ink CompatibilityWater-based sublimation inks
Imaging SideMaterial is packaged with printable side facing up
Finishing/Post ProcessingSpecifically designed for sublimation transfer onto ChromaLuxe® Panels
Optimal Environment68 ˚ to 77 ˚F (20 ˚ to 25 ˚C)
40 - 60% RH

It is recommended to adapt the material to indoor print environment at least 24 hours before usage
Ideal Storage ConditionsProtect material from direct sunlight or moisture. Store in original packaging under normal climate conditions of 23°C, 50 % RH
Shelf Life1 year from the LexJet ship date when stored in proper conditions

Item Details

17in x 250ftINFUZERG17250
24in x 250ftINFUZERG24250
24.8in x 250ftINFUZERG24.8250
36in x 250ftINFUZERG36250
37in x 250ftINFUZERG37250
44in x 250ftINFUZERG44250
64in x 360ftINFUZERG64360


Product Performance & Suitability

Directions for use
Store material only in original packaging under normal climatic conditions (23°C, 50 % RH).
Protect material from direct sunlight. It is recommended to adapt the material to indoor
climate at least 24 hours before usage.